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Jorgen Makitalo, President and Founder, LobbywizardJorgen Makitalo, President and Founder
Today, visitor management is not just about welcoming, processing, and monitoring guests at worksites or other facilities. It has proven to be a vital part of successful business continuity and due diligence in risk management. Especially in the pandemic struck world, tracking and screening visitors for COVID-19 and other security purposes have become highly essential. However, most visitor management solution providers present today are not reliable; they offer complex, expensive, and challenging to install tools. In addition, these vendors mainly target large companies that are willing to pay a considerable amount. As a result, SMB’s are left behind without a good solution.

Moreover, SMBs can’t afford to employ a receptionist that can attend visitors; hence they look for an efficient visitor management system that is easy to use and affordable. As SMBs seek better visitor management systems integrated with smart features, Lobbywizard comes up with a best-in-class visitor management solution and smart office system specifically designed to help SMBs. “Our mission is to offer a robust visitor management solution that is affordable, easy to use, and have a lot of other smart office features to deliver a great visitor experience,” states Jorgen Makitalo, President and Founder of Lobbywizard.

Unlike other systems, Lobbywizard’s visiting management system is easy to install as it has been pre-programmed. It comes as a complete package; all users have to do is Plug and Play; it also seamlessly connects to office routers using reliable wireless technology. Each Lobbywizard Lobby Check-in System has an admin log-in web portal. This personal web page can be accessed with any computer or tablet that has internet access. One can log in to a personal web portal from any place with internet access to upload content and make changes according to their needs, such as contact names, phones, emails, company logos staff pictures etc. They can also make changes to system configuration. To manage the wireless devices better, the company makes use of an industrial type wireless MeshNetwork protocol.

“We adhere to HIPAA compliancy to store client information securely. This is very important for healthcare and other highly-regulated industries,” says Makitalo. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, the company has built a special display that needs minimum touch to operate when checking in at the workplace.
Lobbywizard is known for its flexibility and customization. They provide a complete visitor management system that is fully customized to customers’ needs and ensures the highest quality and reliability, making the Do-It- Yourself installation extremely simple. Each Lobbywizard is paired with premium customer service to maximize its effectiveness and ensure it is operating optimally.

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With Lobbywizard, even if clients don’t have a receptionist, they can still deliver a welcoming experience and a professional first impression to visitors. The Lobbywizard Client Arrival Notification System will help ensure that visitors do not become frustrated by conveying the high priority given to each office guest. If the user already has a receptionist, the system will reduce their workload by notifying the company personnel of arriving clients/guests with the “one touch display” eliminating spending time tracking down staff members.

The typical features of any visitor management system involve registering and sending a text message about the visitor to the employee, staff, or person they want to see. Apart from these standard features, they also have a wireless Alert light device that connects to a standard power outlet in each office to get a visual alert when a visitor has arrived. All Lobbywizard Visitor Alert System information is automatically stored on secure cloud servers to ensure the critical data is saved correctly. These back-ups are accessible in the case of an emergency. Lobbywizard allows users to control lights and other appliances as well as stream music through its application. Appliances could include a fish tank, a coffee pot, personal floor heater or a fan. Users can select from five different music genres to stream at programmable times in their waiting area. Lobbywizard provides calming instrumental music content at a meager subscription cost. The display has a built-in speaker and for more enhanced quality sound and a larger waiting area, purchase the wireless Amplifier and in-wall speaker system. The users can also upload their favorite music to the web portal to be played. Another exciting aspect about Lobbywizard’s system is its combination of the latest and most reliable wireless technologies. The system architecture and Visitor Management Software have been specifically designed to have self-repairing capabilities to eliminate downtime.

With such unmatched visitor management systems and unique capabilities, Lobbywizard has ignited several success stories since its inception. In one instance, a small mental health service provider, who couldn’t afford to employ a receptionist, deployed Lobbywizard’s visitor management tool. With less cost, they were able to provide a better experience for visitors. It was highly beneficial for therapists as they receive visitor reports of the exact date and time of patients visiting them, which accelerated care delivery and saved staffing expenses.

With more than 500 users already, Lobbywizard is becoming a go-to partner for SMBs. They are planning to roll out a second-generation systems, which is integrated with more unique smart office features. As the company can customize the system according to the client’s needs, they witness a spike in the number of customers who need a more integrated system. All in all, Lobbywizard is the ideal Visitor Management System for businesses that often rely on limited staffing to operate..


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Jorgen Makitalo, President and Founder

Lobbywizard offers state-of-the-art visitor management systems integrated with many smart office functions to businesses that often rely on limited staffing to operate


"Our ultimate mission is to offer a robust visitor management solution that is affordable, easy to use, and has a lot of other Smart-office features to deliver a great visitor experience"

- Jorgen Makitalo, President and Founder