VAMS: Secure, Safe, Efficient Visitor Management for the Post-COVID World

Nikhil Kothary, founder and CEO, VAMSNikhil Kothary, founder and CEO
Visitor management is finding broader relevance as the world turns the page on the pandemic. Once focused on merely securing facilities against unauthorized guests, the solutions offered by visitor authentication and management systems now target a greater range of pain points. The focus on how workplaces are run led to discourse on different aspects of the workplace. People now recognize a need for three aspects which were relatively unexplored before: Security, Safety, and Efficiency.

What this means is that, in the post-pandemic world, companies and commercial buildings are scrambling to figure out the best way to let the right people in—while also ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone on the premises. This is what VAMS, a visitor management company, solves by devising a solution that orchestrates the “people flow” in workplaces while respecting boundaries and time of everyone involved in the space. At the same time, it also ensures a contactless, seamless, and frictionless experience that avoids health-related problems.

The New Normal: Guiding Enterprises, Commercial Real Estate, and Distribution Centers

VAMS has evolved over the years, helping corporates— including many Fortune 500's, commercial buildings, and distribution centers—manage visitors through a seamless and visitor-friendly process. VAMS currently offers personalized visitor management solutions that are purpose-built for the new normal, adhering to current infrastructure and policies. They now incorporate various integrations for the future of these built environments: people density stats, vaccination checks, health screen forms, temperature and mask scans, and emergency notifications.

Nikhil Kothary, founder and CEO of VAMS, noted the evolution of the VAMS business: “It's suddenly become important to obtain visitor contact information in case there's a need to connect with that person in the future i.e., for repeat visits. Plus, we need to maintain people density, to ensure social distancing and all the other safeguards are managed. We're seeing the biggest growth coming out of the commercial, multi-tenanted segment.”

Creating Bespoke “People Flow” Experiences

Kothary dispelled the idea of focusing on product features blindly. “It’s not about features. It’s about how you can help solve the customer’s problem. Work on their pain areas without compromise. What will emerge are individual products rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution, further stressing that the customer is empowered with any choice in infrastructure platform, whether it is Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or other on-premises solutions,” he comments.

This capability enables VAMS to build the best workflow experience for each unique market segment—predominantly enterprises, k-12 schools, healthcare, distribution centers, and commercial, multi-tenanted buildings. Additionally, the company focuses on meeting country-specific requirements in terms of visitor authorization. For instance, VAMS reads visitors' driver's licenses in the U.S. and national IDs in the Middle East. It also offers 8 languages within its interface.

Capable of Mammoth Undertakings

"We believe that we are one of the largest visitor management platforms in the world, handling over 100 million check-ins annually. In addition, some of our customer sites have incredibly high footfall," remarks Kothary. As a testament to the robust capabilities of VAMS, he recalls their engagement with a complex that has, on average, a daily traffic of 5,000 visitors. Their solution covers 13 entry-exit points spread across 20 acres. And that’s not all: there is about $10-20 billion worth of precious goods within the complex, emphasizing the greater need for security there.

VAMS provided the client with its solution to read the credentials of visitors efficiently, successfully reducing the waiting time from 20 minutes to practically 0, and visitor-processing time from 5 minutes to under 1 minute—without compromising on security. Additionally, the VAMS solution cuts security staff’s workload significantly, allowing them to maintain vigilance on the complex rather than processing the continuous stream of visitors entering the premises.

Primed for Global Expansion

As the world bounces back from the pandemic, Kothary believes there will be an explosion in the acceptance of visitor management systems all over the world. To keep pace with the surge in demand, the company aims to bring in talented professionals, develop strong partnerships, and build a reliable platform to address market needs globally. "We have a presence in North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; and are expanding to Europe and South America. We want to create safe, secure, and efficient workplaces all over the world, pursuing an amicable experience for visitors and hosts alike. Building products tailored to the many different pain points of customers and introducing complementary features in a timely fashion will continue to be our philosophy," notes Kothary.


New York, NY

Nikhil Kothary, founder and CEO

VAMS is the world’s largest visitor management platform, with 100+ million check-ins annually, and a purpose of making workplaces Secure, Safe, and more Efficient


"Orchestrating people flow in workplaces. Respecting their boundaries and time. Leading the movement from control to care"

- Nikhil Kothary, founder and CEO